The Sultan of Olive Oil.  "Do you remember how to do this? It’s going to be loud, but that’s okay,” warns Nick Coleman.  We’re sitting at Del Posto, the celebrity chef Mario Batali’s Italian restaurant in the Meatpacking District, as he guides me through a tasting of two olive oils, one Tuscan and one Sicilian.  A piano plays in the background...more

Esquire.  What I've Learned About Olive Oil: Nicholas Coleman.  If I see olive oil from Liguria made with the Taggiasca olive, I can guess that oil will be buttery, light, delicate, and soft. If I see olive oil from Sicily made with the Nocellara olive, I can bet that it’s going to be leafy, herbaceous, vibrant, peppery, and robust.... more

GQ.  The Short Order:  Chef Mark Ladner's Guide to New York City.   I'm obsessed with olive oil - I have no less than 20 at a time - and my friend Nick Coleman is the olive oil sommelier at Eataly, and he is a piece of work.  You've never met a bigger oil geek in your life.  He lives for oil!  If you just go to Eataly, he's there and he'll give you a taste of as many things you want to try, and you've never met anyone with more exuberance than this guy...more

La Cucina Italiana.  Table Olives 101.  Italy gets plenty of acclaim for its diverse, first-rate olive oils, but we'd like to take a moment for the olives that aren't pressed into fragrant, savory oil:  their table olives.  Italy has more than 500 olive varietals, says Nick Coleman, the olive oil specialist at Eataly's New York City store, though some are used only for making oil...more  Tips on Finding the Best Olive Oil with Eataly Expert Nicholas Coleman.  I first met Nicholas Coleman at the first ever New York International Olive Oil Competition in April at the International Culinary Center.  It was an exciting event, with the who's who of olive oil (and there is a who's who of olive oil!) there in spades.  Hundreds of hopeful olive oil producers had entered their products—their babies...more


Profile in Obsession: A look into the mind of Eataly's olive oil sommelier. In a back corner of New York's the olive oil section.  In it, you'll find over one hundred different kinds of olive oils: delicate, buttery oils; sweet, grassy oils; spicy, peppery oils that make you cough the moment they hit the back of your throat.  Holding court is Nicholas Coleman, Eataly's Chief Oleologist...more

Real Simple.  The Best Olive Oils.  What’s the best bottle for your money? Real Simple staffers and Nicholas Coleman, the chief olive-oil specialist at Eataly, New York City’s Italian-food mecca, sampled nearly 100 to find out... more

The Olive Oil Times.  Eataly’s Olive Oil Master.  Two years ago Nicholas Coleman stopped by New York’s newly opened Italian food market Eataly to check out its olive oil section. But he found more than olive oil. Standing by himself staring at the bottles was Mario Batali, the famous Italian chef and restaurateur, who helped open the wildly successful gourmet emporium just off Madison Square... more