Nicholas Coleman - Chief Olive Oil Specialist, Eataly NY

Nicholas Coleman

Class-A Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, after salt, the most fundamental ingredient in the culinary world.  

A plethora of single estate oils has enriched the marketplace in the past decade.  How best to pair them with the appropriate cuisines requires and understanding of their individual virtues.

Nicholas's years in Tuscany hand-harvesting olives in a grove located just outside the town of Arezzo and his experience in overseeing the pressing of some of the world's finest olive oil give him a unique and intimate perspective on this fascinating and increasingly popular subject. Nicholas has taught oil courses in America for Bon Appetit, Zagat, Eataly, NYU and Columbia University, as well as to Mario Batali's staff and sommeliers at Otto, Babbo, and Del Posto, where he worked directly with executive chef Mark Ladner to pioneer their first ever olive oil tasting menu.  He has appeared in numerous publications including the LA Times, La Cucina Italiana, GQ and Esquire, and in 2012 Nicholas earned his sensory aptitude degree from Italy's premier olive oil tasting school ONAOO, graduating Summa Cum Laude as a certified technical olive oil taster.  Recently, along with teaching at the International Olive Oil School (IOOS), Nicholas was selected as the youngest judge at the NYIOOC, the world's most prestigious olive oil competition for his expertise - which is now sought after worldwide.