Nicholas Coleman


Class A extra virgin olive oil is, after salt, the most fundamental ingredient in the culinary world.  A wide variety of boutique, single-estate oils has enriched the olive oil market over the past few years.  How best to pair these oils with the appropriate cuisines and courses requires an understanding of their individual virtues.

Nicholas is an international olive oil expert, educator, speaker and co-founder of Grove and Vine, a bespoke full-service olive oil procurement center. He has taught oil courses for The International Culinary Center, Zagat's Master Class, Bon Appetit, The Institute of Culinary Education, Cornell, Yale, NYU and Columbia University, Platinum Country Clubs and to Joe and Lidia Bastianich's critically acclaimed chefs and sommeliers nationwide.

Nicholas finished top of the class from The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters (ONAOO) and was Chief Oleologist at Eataly from 2010-2017, during which he opened four stores with the company and trained thousands of employees.  He has been a judge at The New York International Olive Oil Competition and the Sol D'Oro Southern Hemisphere Competition in Santiago, Chile.  

His expertise has been featured in The New York Times, GQ, Esquire, Food and Wine, Viceland, The Los Angeles Times, La Cucina Italiana, Real Simple Magazine and Lucky Peach among others.  He is an honorary member of the International Order of Disciples of Escoffier and a professor for the International Culinary Center's olive oil sensory certification course in New York City, California and London. Over the past decade he’s built and maintained relationship with producers all over the world, culminating to his appointment on the advisory committee for the Yale Olive Institute.